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The rights and obligations of the contracting parties related to the use of Xpat or resulting from these terms are governed by Icelandic law.
If a dispute arises between the parties due to the use of Xpat or due to these terms, such a matter shall be decided by the Reykjavík District Court, unless otherwise stated.


These terms for Xpat (hereafter "terms") apply between Xpat (Búferlar ehf., id. 530422-1190), Hlíðasmára 19, 201 Kópavogur (hereafter "Xpat") and users regarding the use of Xpat. By using the services provided by Xpat, the user declares that he has read, understood and accepted the terms in their entirety. You may not use Xpat without agreeing to the terms.


"Xpat" is a system that offers its users a solution to view and track vacancies, manage their own resumes and cover letters. 
An "Expati" is a person who has registered with Xpat Foundation. An expat is a person who is considered an applicant.
"Company" is a company, association, public legal entity or individual that advertises a job vacancy for application on the Xpat website and receives a match from applicants. The term company in the Terms also includes a company's workplace interface. In this context, workplace interface means a person engaged in business, regardless of whether such a person works under his own identification number or is a commercial unit within a specific form of company.
"Database" is a collection of any material that is arranged in a systematic or methodical way and is accessible by electronic or other means, regardless of its form of presentation and has been created by Xpat, cf. also law no. 73/1972 (the "Copyright Act"), in particular the database of job offers and user profiles.
"User Profile" is a profile of an individual's resume in Xpat or a workplace interface in Xpat, which contains all information about the applicant or the company and is based on information provided by the applicant or the company through their social media access or has been registered separately by the applicant or the company.
"Social Media Access" means any access by the Applicant or Company to social media, which the Applicant or Company uses to collect data for their Templates (such as Facebook, Google or other).
"User" is a person who uses Xpat regardless of whether he has registered personal data there or not.


Use of Xpat by a user consists of:
As an applicant; from looking at job vacancies from companies, monitoring vacancies according to the applicant's own choice of job categories, employment rate, job location, etc., updating their own information about their career, qualifications and other skills defined on their individual interface, applications for jobs or any other communications with companies or other communications with Xpat.
Use of Xpat by the user is limited to normal and lawful behavior and is for the user's own use only. The user is only permitted to access and use information related to himself and jobs advertised by companies. The user is prohibited from attempting to access and use information intended for others.


The following types of access are available to expats:

Login with phone number. The applicant's phone number and SMS verification code are used when the applicant creates their individual interface. By logging in, the user agrees to these terms.
Login with an email address. The applicant's email address and email with a verification code are used when the applicant creates their individual interface. A company employee's email address is used to establish their access to company access in Xpat. By logging in, the applicant/employee agrees to these terms.
Login with social media. The applicant is logged in through social media access. By signing in, the applicant agrees to these terms and conditions and thereby agrees to provide Xpat with access to any information they may have provided on their social media account. The information is only retrieved when the applicant registers for the first time. If an applicant updates their information on a social media account, the information will not be automatically updated in Xpat.
Access without login. With this you can only view ads that are present in Xpat. By using Xpat in this way, the user agrees to these terms.



If an applicant is interested in applying for a job advertised on Xpat, he can send an application to a company with the information that is already available on his individual interface, together with the additional information that the company has requested and additional information that the applicant wishes to provide. This communication always takes place via Xpat.
The Company and the Applicant are responsible for all communications that may occur between them, whether or not they are conducted through Xpat.
An applicant can withdraw their application at any time by selecting the appropriate option in Xpat.
An application is available for companies in Xpat for one year from the time the applicant sends the application to the company, unless the applicant closes their access earlier or withdraws the application.


The user's login information is either an email address, their phone number along with an SMS verification code sent to the user from Xpat or the applicant's access ID for social media access upon login. An email address or phone number may be stored by Xpat, but other login information is not stored in Xpat.
The user himself is responsible for storing his login information and keeping it confidential. In the event that the user has experienced abnormal use or that an unauthorized person has gained access to his login information, it is the user's responsibility to take appropriate measures, such as contacting Xpat ehf.
Information about the user, which he has registered in Xpat or provided access to through access to social media access, is stored electronically in Xpat's database.
Xpat is responsible for the processing of users' personal information, including those provided by the applicant in the individual interface. Rights and obligations in relation to the processing of personal information are stated in Xpat's privacy policy, which can be found in the app and on the company's website


Xpat is the author of the database and reserves all the rights of the author of the database in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act, including Article 42. c and Article 50
The user is obliged to provide Xpat with only correct, true and sufficient information and to register under his own name.
The user undertakes to communicate with the company and Xpat ehf. in accordance with the purpose of use, cf. including clause 2 in these terms and conditions, and generally using Xpat in an appropriate manner and in accordance with good customs and practices. Dissemination of hate speech, illegal or inappropriate content is prohibited through Xpat. In case of doubt, Xpat can determine whether content contains hate speech, is illegal or inappropriate and take appropriate measures.
User is not allowed to:
extract or reuse in whole or in part data or information collected from the database for the purpose of making such part of other databases ("Screen Scraping"); modify the software on which Xpat is based in any way, including making copies; distribute the software; publish or release the Software; translate, adapt, reverse engineer or modify the Software in any way; reverse engineer, decode, disassemble or otherwise attempt to access the programming code; attempt to breach the security defenses of the Application or otherwise attack the Application; try to access parts of Xpat that the user does not have the right to access or does not have permission from Xpat ehf. to; get around overloading of the service through the use of automation; otherwise use Xpat inconsistent with its intended purpose, or; violate Xpat's intellectual property rights.
The user is obliged to notify Xpat of any security flaws that he may discover while using Xpat.
In order to prevent the user's access from being hacked, the user is obliged to at least: protect all devices against misuse; set up secure login information; do not use access credentials used by third parties; protect their login credentials; and prevent misuse of access credentials.
In the event of a problem when using Xpat, the user can contact Xpat through Xpat's website or app. User understands and agrees that it may take some time for Xpat to assess the defect and what service is required.
The applicant agrees that Xpat can use information related to his information or job applications to process various types of non-personally identifiable complete information about the market of foreign experts.


Xpat is not responsible for the application process or the results achieved by using Xpat, as the application process is entirely the responsibility of the company and all inquiries about the process should be directed to the relevant company. Xpat is not responsible for expenses or other costs that the applicant may incur in dealing with the company, such as if it decides to fire an employee, cancel an interview or withdraw a job offer.
The applicant provides information to Xpat and the company and applies for jobs at his own risk. Xpat is not responsible for how the company handles applications and information provided by the applicant during the application process.
Xpat is not responsible if notifications from Xpat turn out to be faulty, they are delayed or if the user does not receive them.
Xpat is not responsible for the content of job advertisements from companies or their legality. Xpat is not responsible for errors, incorrect dates or the reliability of information entered by a company at the time of creating advertisements or later.
Xpat is not responsible for the content of employment contracts or whether the employment of an employee is in accordance with the law, for example in accordance with the applicable labor legislation, the Equal Opportunities Act or the provisions of the Act on the employment of children and young people.
Xpat is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage that may occur as a result of failures or defects in Xpat, such as mechanical failure, technical error, software failure, system update, operating system, network or telecommunications system failure or due to interruption of Xpat's service due to power failure or interruption on telecommunication services.
Xpat is not responsible for events beyond our control (force majeure) that may lead to Xpat's services being unavailable, such as due to government decisions, natural disasters, strikes (including planned strikes) or lockouts, riots, riots, vandalism, terrorism or war or due to other similar events which cannot be prevented or dealt with in the normal way by Xpat.
If Xpat fails or is down, the service may be temporarily unavailable to the user without his right to compensation.
The user is aware of and accepts the limitations of liability specified in this article.


All content on Xpat's website and app, such as design, text, graphics, images, photographs, information, Xpat trademarks, symbols, computer programs, source code, databases and other intellectual property belong exclusively to Xpat ehf. or partners and subsidiaries and are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. Unauthorized use, including copying, reproduction or distribution of this material, in whole or in part, may violate the law and is prohibited without Xpat's permission. By agreeing to these terms and using Xpat, Xpat does not grant the user or company permission to use the intellectual property rights in any way other than as may be deemed necessary to apply for jobs or offer jobs through Xpat and to administer job applications.

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