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Do you need an employee?

Xpat has started working with foreign recruitment agencies that have over 30,000 registered employees and are ready to try their luck in a new country.

The process is conducted by suggesting a job description, qualification requirements, expectations for experience and education.

Xpat searches for the right candidates and provides CVs that match.

Subsequently, a meeting is held with the applicants to find out other aspects that do not appear in the CV.

If the right applicant is found, Xpat will handle recruitment and assistance with relocation to Iceland.

Sækja þarf um dvalar- og atvinnuleyfi, sjúkrakostnaðartryggingu og einnig er hægt að óska eftir afslætti af tekjuskattsstofni sérfræðingsins ef ákveðin skilyrði eru uppfyllt.


Við sjáum um allt ferlið

Við vinnum náið með Ölmu leigufélagi.


Við hjálpum nýjum starfsmanni að finna réttu eignina. 

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What is the status of foreign expats today?

The number of people on working age is declining disproportionately all over the world.

The system for residence and work permits is complex and time-consuming. In Iceland, permits are handled by two institutions, while many others are involved in the application process, making it difficult for applicants.

Compared to other nations, Iceland is not doing enough when it comes to attracting people and helping to become full members of society.

The decision-making in the system can be arbitrary and based on vague assessments of the labour market.


How do I attract a foreign expat?

Current government states a clear desire to make it easier for Icelandic companies to access the necessary expertise.  Steps are being taken to make it easier for international specialists to settle in Iceland and work for Icelandic companies.

If a specialist meets certain conditions, only 75% of his/her income is liable to income tax for three years from the date of employment.

The government has increased both the proportion and maximum of the development costs that companies can be reimbursed.


80% of research and development costs are employee salaries.

Start preparing early

It is important to understand the needs of the expat  and his family early. Preparations begin before he arrives.

Good preparation and correct information minimises the likelihood of an unfortunate experience and ensures that a new employee shows up for a new job convinced that the decision to relocate was the right one.

We help you meet his needs by taking a Teams meeting with all parties and presenting the process, timeframe and what to expect.

our partner in relocation.


We advice on how best to handle transport and work closely with the expat in planning and implementation 

Going Over Data

In Iceland

There are many issues to solve you have arrived in Iceland.

We assist with all registrations and communications with key institutions and companies.

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