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You need to apply for a residence and work permit, medical expenses insurance, and you can also request a discount from the specialist's income tax office if certain conditions are met.


We take care of the process.



We work closely with the biggest real estate leasing companies in Iceland. 

We help a new employee finding the right property. 


Studies have shown that the expats spouse with a job in new environment will adjust more easily.


We will assist your spouse searching for the right job 


Eimskip transportation company is our partner in relocation.


We advice on how best to handle transport and work closely with the expat in planning and implementation 

In Iceland

There are many issues to solve you have arrived in Iceland.

We assist with all registrations and communications with key institutions and companies.


Hildur Sidekick.jfif

Hildur Jónsdóttir, Quality Assurance Manager at SidekickHealth

Xpat had a big impact on the fact that an employee who just arrived in the country this spring, has settled in very well in an incredibly short time!

Árdís Stokkur.jfif

Ardis Bjork Jonsdóttir, CEO at Stokkur Software

I was advised to contact Xpat when I was looking for work permit assistance for a foreign employee. I received excellent service and Einar made sure to keep both me and the employee informed throughout the process. We always knew about current situation and what would happen next. I can definitely recommend Xpat's service and will not hesitate to use them again. 

Guðjón Pósturinn.jfif

Gudjon Agustsson, Chief Information Officer at Pósturinn

I approached Xpat with a case of  applying for a tax discount on the income tax base for an employee who is defined as a foreign specialist. The whole process was very professional and communication went quickly and smoothly. Will definitely look to them again.


Þorgeir Óðinsson CEO at Directive Gamesme, Title

Directive Games has looked outside of Iceland for knowledge. I have used Xpat to take care of all the permits and the tax deduction as well as using them for the property search and all the services related to that process. 

Everything has gone great and Einar is in good communication with my people since always something comes up.

Xpat has really eased our lives with their service. 

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