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We handle residence and work permits.


It is also possible to request a discount from the income tax base if certain conditions are met

Sækja þarf um dvalar- og atvinnuleyfi, sjúkrakostnaðartryggingu og einnig er hægt að óska eftir afslætti af tekjuskattsstofni sérfræðingsins ef ákveðin skilyrði eru uppfyllt.


Við sjáum um allt ferlið

Við vinnum náið með Ölmu leigufélagi.


Við hjálpum nýjum starfsmanni að finna réttu eignina. 


We work closely with Alma real estate service.   We will help your expat finding the right property 


Studies have shown that the expats spouse with a job in new environment will adjust more easily. We will assist your spouse searching for the right job 


Eimskip transportation company is our partner in relocation. We advice on how best to handle transport and work closely with the expat in planning and implementation 


Migration leads to great social change. We have mapped out the best ways to make the adjustment smooth 


Iceland is considered a good choice by foreign experts as the Icelandic authorities have seen the value in creating an environment that paves the way for entrepreneurs and expertise knowledge  

There is a high likelihood that the Icelandic government will increase even more the tax benefits for foreign expert relocating to Iceland which should increase demand for them considerably



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